How to Post an article on Word Press

If you are going to start your own blog and using WordPress as a blogging tool, then you must know how to utilize this tool fully. The interface of a word press website is so simple that it explains itself about how to blog, still to know about posting articles via this interface you can check out following points:

Become a Singer

To become a singer is like matter of life and death for some people. They see a bright future ahead, but not always they are good for singing because of inappropriate voice but their passion makes them get its solution. So first step to become a singer is to get a strong desire that is beyond any argue.
Question yourself what type of singer you want to become, like pop singer or rap singer etc.
Improve your voice if needed. You can do this by practicing early morning

Chinese Scrambled Eggs with Chives

This answers your How to cook Chinese Scrambled eggs with chives


  • Large Eggs                                            :    4
  • Chinese Garlic Chives               :    1 ½ -2 ounces to make 1/3 cup chopped
  • Vegetable Oil                                         :    1 tbsp

How to increase Stamina

Stamina is the physical constitution or the strength of a person. It’s the endurance of your body. The level of stamina of a person varies, depending on the age, sex and body condition. Lack of stamina can cause problems such as lethargy and fatigue; it decreases your efficiency of work and may also make you prone to diseases. Life also gets boring and inactive.
Low energy level can vastly affect your performance either its physical or mental. So you should know how to increase your stamina. It’s just not increasing your strength or building muscles, it’s about the rate of energy produced from an activity. Try these tips to increase your stamina.

How to Reduce Period Pain

Having period is hard enough without any other additional problems. It’s hard to deal with the pain on top of the hormonal imbalances and regular side effects of period.
Period pain or cramps are the side effects of uterine muscle contractions. The pain can be mild, moderate or severe. It occurs in the abdomen, lower back and legs.
When the pain becomes unbearable, follow these tips. They will help you relieve your period cramps as well as your mood swings associated with your dreaded periods.

Ways to reduce stress

We are living in stressful times. We have more problems on our plates than we can swallow, carrying out 2 or more jobs at the same time, putting up with unreasonable demands of family and friends or swallowing frustration and outrage due to some unfair situations or irrational teachers or superiors. These things are enough to drain a person’s happiness, health and energy.
So instead of being overwhelmed by these stressors, stand up confidently and face them. It’s time to kick the stress away. Let’s learn how to avoid stress.

Load Shedding in Pakistan 2012

8500 MW shortfall of electricity and sometimes increasing to 9000 MW, this is what every Pakistani hears as he turns on the TV in the morning. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and now Ahmed Mukhtar, who is heading the Ministry of Water and Power, comes out with new excuses every day regarding the increase in load shedding with every passing day.

United States of America (USA)

Fifty states and a federal district are jointly said to be The United States Of America (USA). At 3.79 million square mile (9.83 million km square) and with 314 million populations, The USA is the third or fourth largest country by area and third by both land area and population. It is an old surviving federation with a capitalist mixed economy, fuelled by abundant natural resources, a well established infrastructure and high productivity. It is the world's largest importer and third largest exporter and is a leader in scientific research and innovations in technology. Transportation is mostly dominated by automobiles on a network of 13 million roads which includes one of the world's largest highway systems. As far as the education is concerned, about 13 to 15 American universities and colleges are ranked in world's top 20 institutions. The basic literacy rate is thus 99% which is amazingly high for a country to prosper. USA invites all ethnic groups from across the globe and is a multiracial country.

United Kingdom (U.K)

The United Kingdom (U.K) is a well developed country, facilitating their citizens in every way. It has the seventh largest economy by GDP and is said to be world's first industrialized country. It remained the super power during the 19th and early 20th century. With leading military force, economy, culture and political grip, it is well known for its nuclear weapons and ranked fourth in military expenditure. Approximately, an area of 243,610 square kilometres (94,060sq mi) is covered by the United Kingdom. Worth watching islands are scattered throughout the United Kingdom. Plentiful rain occurs all year round, with temperature rise and fall according to the seasons, ranging -11 to 35 degree Celsius. 10,072 route miles of National Rail network in Britain and 189 route miles in Northern Ireland carries 18000 passengers daily. UK consists of largest airports handling almost 211.4 million passengers.

Talk to girls

When we discuss about how to talk to girls, the most common problem we get to know is confidence. Boys usually face problem in approaching girls and even don’t know how to initiate the conversation. They are unaware of how to get girls and so is the reason they seem so alien to them. If you are one of those who get their tongue twisted and stomach clenched as they approach girls, then you are not alone, everyone go through this problem and the confidence develops very slowly. The worst thing is the unusual silence which occurs between them while sitting together and you both look at each other and pass a silly smile. To prove yourself, step ahead and start the conversation then do have a glance at the ways to talk to girls below: