Natural Sore Throat Remedies

Does your throat aches? Do you feel pain in your throat? If these questions are answered as YES then you`ve got disease of Sore Throat. There are several reasons of this disease for example, fever, bacterial virus, throat ulcers, diphtheria, throat infection and speaking loudly etc. One of sore throat symptoms include throat pain. This eHow Keys article on How to Cure Sore Throat Naturally covers details of some of the natural and easy home remedies available.
These are:

1) Gargling:
Add some epsom\common salt in warm water and gargle. This is one the best and easiest home remedies available to naturally cure sore throat. This also helps in reducing the chances of cancer and will instantly sooth your throat.

2) Drinking Hot Liquids:
Hot liquids such as herbal tea, hot apple cider, coffee, green tea etc will help your immune system to fight against sore throat disease more effectively. It surely gives comfort in pain.

3) Honey:
Honey is another alternative medicine available in natural remedies. Engrossed onion in honey helps a lot to strengthen natural immune system. Peal off Onion and cut it into pieces. Then add some honey on it and after few minutes drink 1 tea spoon. You may take another tea spoon after few hours. One spoon of warm honey with added salt also helps in curing sore throat.

4) Blackberry:
Blackberry is very helpful for throat pain, sore throat and diphtheria. You can use blackberry as it or blackberry nectar to overcome sore throat.

5) Humidify or Vaporize your throat:

Turn on Humidifier or Vaporizer and breath. It will moist your throat and will surely reduce pain. If you don`t have such apparatus it can also be done by leaning over a sink and turn on the hot water tap (make sure you put a cock piece in the drain to stop the water in the sink). Cover your head with warm towel and breath. Doing this for 5 to 10 minutes several times a day will help you                                                            cure your sore throat.

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