Brainstorm Before Exams

Read this article to get Awesome and effective Brainstorm ideas

Before applying this technique it’s important to understand major aspects of brainstorming,
In British language: Brainstorm is a temporary state of confusion.
In US language: Brainstorm is an idea that someone thinks suddenly.

* A sudden inspiration
* A bright idea
* A severe outburst of excitement, often as a result of a transitory disturbance of cerebral activity
* A sudden mental aberration.
Whenever someone tried to write or learn for exams, it’s hard to pick the start point, instead of taking stress, just follow important relevant points to generate ideas.
* Convince yourself for exam
* Do a past exam review to get understanding of exam difficulty level
* Practice exam writing process in exam conditions.                                                                                                                         
* Study according to time table.
* Sleep properly at least 8 hour is enough for mental relaxation.
* Carry all necessary things along with you accordingly.
* Reach at spot on time
* Discussing points with other students prior to exam can make you anxious.
* Avoid learning new information that can make you confuse

* Be relaxed because tense mind can never recall the proper solution, and unable to produce new ideas.
* Read question paper properly. In other words scratch paper.
* Mark the question to be attempted serially.
* Adjust time period for each question according to nature of question.
* Make topic outline on extra sheets, or on one side of paper before writing answers.
* If you go blank, brainstorm possible essay, words and ideas onto a sheet of rough paper or on the side of page. These writing courses will eventually begin to stimulate your ideas.
* Leave a space and go onto something you can do rather than waste time on the same problem.


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