Ways to reduce wrinkles

With growing age and exposure to heat and dust, wrinkles begin to appear before time. Who don't want to look fresh and glowing? Who don't want to be praised for their young pretty face? Of course every one of us does!

For the remedy to these skin problems we consider a number of ways to reduce facial wrinkles:

 Medical Treatment:
Vitamin A or tretinoin, as a research has shown, is beneficial for the treatment of wrinkles resulting from the sun exposure. Many medicated skin care products contains vitamin A. So, one can apply them for a fresh new look. 
The most commonly used treatment is of glycolic acid and lactic acid because they are natural and safe to skin. They are easily absorbed by the skin and the best way to apply them is through medicated moisturizers, toners, masks etc. Also, antioxidants like licopene, vitamin c serum etc protect cells from the damage by cancerous rays.

Cosmetic Treatment: 
Cosmetic treatment being quicker and effective; is globally used by people to get rid of freckles and wrinkles.
There are three types of peels i.e superficial peel, medium peel and deep peel. Superficial peel is a chemical peel which needs only 15 minutes of yours and then you can carry on with your work. Regular treatments results in desired effect. Medium peel only enhances the skin texture and deep peel is the most extensive one. It takes long to recover with severe pain but the results are better than the other                     
Besides these, surgical methods including dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, brow lift, face lift, Botox cosmetic etc also have been successful skin perfecting system.

Natural Remedies:
People having problem of oily skin are highly advised to drink plenty of water as it softens wrinkles and is effective. A diet with a plenty of organic fruits and vegetables and use of olive oil is a best way of removing wrinkles. Facial massages enhance the elasticity of skin by relaxing the skin. Also anyone having normal or dry skin may go for avocado pulp spreading on the face which stimulates oil secretion. 
Summing up as whole, natural treatments are preferred for one does not have to go for intensive day and night creams, sun screen etc. 

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  2. Natural remedies do work but require a lot of time to show results.