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Learning a English language becomes very stressful at times. The words we learn through books are not so suitable in our daily lives conversation. The question then comes in our mind as to how to get grip on English language? How to learn the small secrets of mastering the ability to speak, talk, think and even dream in English? Here are some techniques which would make you vigilant in English language: 

Improvement of speaking skills:
First advice while learning to speak English is, try not to copy the native English speakers in the initial stages. First learn to speak clearly and concisely. Try to avoid English idioms and slang, for others may not be able to understand it and you would simply look silly. Short sentences are better than long rambling sentences, so it's a better idea to use simple English vocabulary. Besides, these basic advices, tips which will eventually Improve your English fluency are:
      • Don't fear to make mistakes because you will make mistakes. 
      • Be patient because learning a second language can be frustrating, but don't get                 frustrated because it would not help you. 
      • Avail every opportunity to speak in English with the other person. 
      • Talk in English with your friends who are also learning English. 
      • Read short stories loud and try to see, hear and say the words to keep them in your         memory. Play it back later and discover how it sounds. 
      • Talk to second language speakers on Internet and find out if they can understand               you. They will help you a lot. 
      • Try singing  the English ballads, with friends or in privacy. 
      • Accent does not matter anymore; try to focus more on pronunciation and                           enunciation.

Improvement of writing skills:

Better writing means to write clearly, correctly and persuasively. Here are four major tips which can lead to your improved writing: 
      • Enhance your English vocabulary because a good writer has a wide and deep             vocabulary bank. For clarity and precision it is very essential. Incidental learning                 includes reading good books and conversation with the one having good vocabulary           knowledge. To learn directly is by looking in the dictionary for unfamiliar words. Learn          a new word every day. 
      • When it comes to writing, spellings plays a vital role. Improve your spellings to                    convey a clear message. 
      • Reading is directly related with writing. Improve your reading skills. Read other                   people's writings. It would surely help you out. 
      • Improve your grammar. Bad grammar confuses the reader. For this, learn parts of           speech, learn the difference between active and passive voice and learn the basics          of punctuation, especially the comma. 

Improvement of listening skills: 
For the improvement of listening skills, spend time listening English language. While listening, for example, on CNN, try not to understand the meaning of each word. Our brains are good at listening to the important words, so try to understand the general meaning. Listen to things that are challenging for you but not impossible. Watching TV programmes is a good way like friends. To understand the native pronunciation, watch English movies and prefer movies with subtitles so you understand what is being said. Don't give up. You will be good listener soon in this way.
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