Party dress ups

Every time someone calls us for a party or invites us to his\her house the major question that hits our mind at the initial stage is HOW TO DRESS UP FOR A PARTY?
Everyone wishes to look the best in terms of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Who doesn’t like compliments? Who doesn’t want the party eyes adoring him/her? So, to be alluring, following things need to be kept in mind:
One's dressing should match the party themes.
Party dresses should complement your personality and age.
                                                            • One should not be over accessorized.
Then comes the difference between men and women who should consider the following things:

Casual Parties:
Casual parties include family dinner party, get togethers, kids birthday party, tea party etc.
One can wear any kind of pants that suits him, except sweats. Trousers, Dockers and faded jeans are all suitable for casual dress up. Casual shirts can be worn with slacks but Dockers and chinos are the top choices. Tee or polo shirts would go perfect with slacks. It should be assured that your belt colour code goes with your shoes. Wear socks that are of the same colour as your pants and avoid wearing white socks so that you may not become the centre of laughter. Loafers, rubber soled shoes and boots are a better choice.

Formal Parties:

Formal parties consist of cocktail party, engagement party, business party etc.
For formal parties; formal dresses, attractive coat colour, shirt, tie, cufflinks, socks and shoes make a complete man. A sober look should be adopted. Both dark & navy blue and black suites are preferable for formal party leitmotifs. Wear tuxedos in ceremonial engagement party. In semi formal attire leave the tux, go for a simple suit with noticeable tie and do not under dress.

Casual Parties: 

Women should go for their favourite jeans, top and basic fashion accessories. With v-neck shirt, a pendant would go perfectly and enhance your neckline. Wearing mixed bangles makes the overall fantastic look. A nice pair of stud earrings with glowing gemstone would show off other accessories. If you're already wearing bangles and necklace then avoid the ring. Grab a suitable bag and set off.

Formal Parties: 

For an enhanced feminine look, women may consult party dressing experts. Little black dress, one shoulder dress, split lace dress, sleeveless dress are all formal party dresses. Long gowns are considered a great choice on engagement party. A jewelled brooch sparkles on the dress. Long classy earrings matching the dress and a formal hand clutch would add more glamour. A bib-style necklace would highlight your d├ęcolletage.


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