Cure for Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is actually a disease caused by a group of viruses which are transferred through mosquitoes. Severe headache, exhaustion, fever, glands swelling, muscle and joints pain and rashes are the major symptoms. The whole illness continues for one to two weeks. Other symptoms include bleeding gums, redness in palms and soles; and agony behind the eyes. Those who do not have a powerful immune system are more exposed to dengue virus attack. There is a chance of dengue attacking the same person multiple times. Patients become weak and hair fall may occur. Diagnosis of dengue is a bit difficult but in recent years, blood platelet count is being done. Person having low platelet count is an effected one. Now let’s throw some light on the cures and remedies of dengue fever:

Medical Treatment:
Since it is a viral disease, no antiviral treatment is available as yet. However, some of the medication is published by the World Health Organization (WHO). Analgesics with supportive care, fluid replacement and special rest are normally sufficient. Acetaminophen may also be used which acts best against fever and other painful symptoms. Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids and aspirin should be avoided in such conditions. Fever can also be treated by anti-pyretics, like paracetamol. Since much pain is felt in bones during dengue fever so analgaesics and any other pain killers can be used. In case of dengue shock syndrome, patient needs to be hospitalized at any cost. Intravenous fluid replacement is needed for avoiding shock in these patients. It is highly recommended to take the vaccines so that the disease does not attack you. Though many countries have tried to prevent mosquito breeding but have failed to do so. Patients undergo dehydration and should take excessive fluids.

Natural Treatment:

Raw papaya leaves juice is said to be a remedy for dengue fever. Take two pieces of raw papaya leaves and clean them. Cut out only the leafy part. Squeeze the juice out using filter cloth. Only one table spoon will get out. Take one spoon per day. Apart from this, orange juice has also been found effective during dengue fever, it helps digest and thus the urinary output increases. It helps quick healing and recovery of antibodies. Orange juice gives energy as well as vitamins to body. Neem leaves and Neem oil are purifying agents and should be applied on damp warm cloth of 15 to 60 grammes for 2 to 3 times daily. Drink as much water as you can to prevent fluid loss. Coriander leaves can be used as a tonic during dengue fever. Two cups of kakamachi, a syrup like drink a day acts as cooling and soothing drink which expels the negative toxins out. Vitamin C rich fruits help absorb iron and are also recommended. Chyavanprash helps increase blood count. Hogweed brings the body temperature down. Pomegranate juice also helps a lot.
One must consult the doctor at the very initial stages and take full bed rest. The natural remedies must also be taken on the opinion of doctor handling the case!

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