Prepare for an Interview

If you have an interview in your schedule and you have finally made your mind of standing on your very own feet. If you want to make yourself financially stable and want to help your guardian in household expenses. If a job interview is waiting for you and you are willing to get into that job. Then I am sure what must be lingering in your minds now is how to prepare yourself for an interview?
 Interview preparation is not that hard as we take it. When you receive an interview call, it means they want you on the board. The first and the very important tip to be very confident and show what you are! But when it comes to the behaviour, posture etc then there are 3 categories:
  • Physical preparation
  • Mental preparation
  • Psychological preparation

Physical Preparation:
Physical preparation includes hygiene, a groomed appearance, dressing decently, good body language etc. A neat and clean look impresses the interviewer. A maintained skin texture, neat cut nails and fine combing of hairs would definitely be preferred on someone with untidy and indecent clothing as well as overall appearance. Dressing according to the occasion matters a lot. Of course, there will be a vast difference between the dressings of a person applying in a firm than the person applying in a modelling media. What accessories we carry and what shoes we wear also add to our appearance. Dirty shoes must be avoided and the important document must be carried in a brief case or a folder instead of weird bags which look unprofessional. Bodily postures do not develop overnight and one must start preparing at least 3 months before the job interview. Record how you communicate, how you change postures and your eye contact. Change it if something looks strange.

Mental Preparation:
If a person wants to face the interview panel with maximum confidence then there is a need of preparing well on the job interview questions. This includes preparing on subject content, revision of relevant subject knowledge, current affairs, general knowledge etc. Develop the habit of reading newspaper and watching television to keep you updated. It is a very common start of the job interview that one is being asked to introduce him/herself to the panel. Another very common job interview question is that why you think you are suitable for this job? Since, these are few common questions that are more likely to be asked in an interview, so one must prepare well on these areas. The answer to these can take your image to the top if answered well and with confidence. Now you have the chance to just throw your words and talk about your capabilities and raise yourself.

Psychological Preparation:
Staying calm and not letting stress take control of you can bring lots of benefits. Strong, confident, balanced mind would not let you shiver during the job interview and you would stay relaxed and present minded, able to handle every kind of question. Interview must not be taken as a matter of esteem but should be regarded as an experience, one taking you to another better one. Don’t make your mind that you want the job badly, for this will provoke nervousness. Make sure of your weaknesses and strengths, preparing weaknesses in way to impress the interviewer i.e very wisely.

Once you get prepared on all the above categories, facing the panel is not a big issue now. Mannerism should be shown throughout the interview. Sit with a straight back and do not place the bag you are holding on the top of the table, rather place by your side. Keep eye-contact with the person asking the question. Don’t show rude behaviour or even overconfidence, avoid being too demanding either. You may also ask any questions if you want in the gap between conversations. Avoid shining colours and wear soft textures. Thank the entire panel by the end of interview and leave in a very decent way!

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